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Thorough research and support tailored to your needs

Investing in real estate can be a solid and lucrative undertaking, provided it’s based on proper and in-depth insights and managed appropriately from start to finish. But where do you start? How do you optimally secure your investment’s sustainability when dealing with an asset form that has relatively limited liquidity? First Crown Real Estate Services is at your service and helps you reduce risks and enhance the success of your real estate development.

Over the years, our team has had the privilege to successfully support many different clients, both national and international. Our advisory and discretionary services stretch from the purchase, ownership, management and rental to the sale of real estate. With properties involved belong to a wide variety of sectors, including office, retail, industrial and residential. What can we help you with?

Investment Research

Like in every other business, smart decisions in real estate can only come from timely, accurate and complete information. From local data sourcing and single assignment analysis to the construction of global investment, development and locational strategies, the First Crown research team is dedicated to provide all relevant information to support your decision making.

With First Crown, you can depend on flexible research services and a customized approach of your projects. Tell us the specific opportunities and issues you seek to address and our team of experienced analysts will support you. They draw from a broad training in areas of finance, real estate and economics and have access to the best available resources. Their vast network, diversity of experience, commercial acumen and practical approach ensures you of all qualitative and quantitative information relevant to your (intended) investments, whether it be regional or country-specific and any market segment in the public or private domain.

Acquisitions and Sales

Do you consider buying, selling, letting or renting real estate? First Crown provides specialist services across residential, commercial and rural sectors to support you throughout the process. All, to help you maximize the value of your assets. In-depth topical knowledge, financial and legal expertise and technical know-how are the cornerstones of our approach.

From market trends-based consulting and land sourcing for new development projects to rental management, acquisition and disposal advice, First Crown is your trusted partner in real estate.