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A firm grip on your investments

You want the assurance your property accounting processes are under control at all times. First Crown subsidiary Ceder Accountancy and Tax Advice will proficiently manage your day-to-day financials and report to you, your asset and property managers and third parties – including banks and government agencies.

Client Accounting

In addition to managing your accounting transactions with regard to parties like tenants and suppliers, we are here to manage your property data. The Ceder property finance team is driven by your requirements and provides in-depth reporting and actionable recommendations for you and your staff. Knowing the accounting and reporting of your portfolio is accurately and timely executed, you can concentrate on adding value to your investment.

Property Management Treasury

First Crown and Ceder support a firm grip on your portfolio’s cash flow. With our advanced systems for billing, collecting rents/service charges, supplier payments and rent transfer, we ensure you of efficient and smooth transactions every single time.

Compliance & Performance Reporting

Managing risk is key to successful asset management. This is why we ensure all relevant processes and transactions are in accordance with statutory and additional compliance regulations in advance. Our approach is designed to manage risk, our methods tailored to your specific reporting requirements.